GlobalSubmit Marks 5th Anniversary of PUBLISH

By on Monday, May 11, 2015 in Press Releases

GlobalSubmit Inc., ( an industry leader in technology solutions and professional services to support regulated product submissions, is marking five years since the introduction of its eCTD publishing solution.

PUBLISH, now the second most used solution for eCTD publishing, relies on the same engine as our REVIEW technology. REVIEW is an industry staple having processed more submissions than the leading competitors combined, as well as 600,000+ incoming submissions at the US FDA.

Innovative functionality built into PUBLISH greatly reduces the number of complex, manual steps a user must perform during the eCTD publishing process. For example, PDF documents imported to the system are automatically processed with regulatory compliant properties such as Inherit Zoom, version and Fast web.

“There isn’t another publishing system that’s able to deliver equal value to the life sciences community,” said Jason Rock, Chief Technical Officer of GlobalSubmit. “The amount of time PUBLISH can save you in terms of document publishing, link QC, and output processing represents an accelerated approval timeline and treatments available sooner to patients in need.”

The single most powerful innovation PUBLISH earmarks for industry is output processing in a single instance. Real-time identification of validation errors with Live Validation and expedited QC of bookmarks and hyperlinks via CROSSCHECK transform the status quo. PUBLISH also allows for double click editing of PDF documents without breaking the audit trail.

“Our clients and the industry as a whole understand delay of a submission can result in enormous costs,” Rock added. “The publishing system we’ve designed does away with the downside risk associated with publishing out, completing quality review and edits outside of the system, and then having to return to the system to publish. Repeating those steps again and again is simply inefficient.”

GlobalSubmit’s PUBLISH software is available in multiple deployments—local installation, single-tenant CLOUD and multi-tenant CLOUD.

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