eCTD Software Training And Implementation

To maximize the effectiveness of Synchrogenix’s GlobalSubmit software solutions and regulatory services, we offer a comprehensive eCTD software training and implementation program that can be conducted remotely or on-site. The program’s goal is to educate clients about the most important aspects of the applications they’ll be running in a condensed timeframe.

eCTD Software Training and Implementation


Synchrogenix’s implementation service is designed for quick and seamless deployment of our applications. Our eCTD software solutions are qualified and validated environments, and can be implemented in one of three ways: 1) Server-based installation; 2) Cloud-based installation (multi-tenant or private). Going live with your system is a matter of days not weeks. How do we accomplish such a quick turnaround and why is it important to  you?

We begin with a thorough consultation to identify the best possible implementation process for your organization. And while speed is desirable, we believe it is essential to take measures that ensure total compliance with your internal system guidelines. Most importantly, you will have up-to-date versions of GlobalSubmit’s software applications, as well as validation criteria used by the U.S Food & Drug Administration.

eCTD Software Training

Implementation goes hand-in-hand with GlobalSubmit’s comprehensive training program. For large deployments, it may not be practical to gather your entire team in a single location. That is why we offer our remote training approach. The remote training is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of off-site training, ensuring your team gains the skills it needs. With numerous hands-on exercises, your associates are educated on the essentials of eCTD, and gain a deeper level of understanding of streamlining the creation and review of eCTD submissions. From our experience, clients who opt for the comprehensive training program experience fewer difficulties and enjoy a much smoother eCTD submission process.

Consider the benefits a fully trained staff offers:

  • Reduces the risk of costly errors and technical rejections
  • Minimizes time commitment, cost, and burden on the IT department
  • Accelerates eCTD readiness
  • Reduces regulatory miscommunication
  • Supports existing resources
  • Improves global competitive advantage