GlobalSubmit 2015 Available to Industry; Adds Productivity, User Experience Enhancements

By on Monday, June 1, 2015 in Press Releases

GlobalSubmit Inc., ( an industry leader in technology solutions and professional services to support regulated product submissions, announces that GlobalSubmit 2015 R1 is now available to industry in a variety of deployments.

GlobalSubmit 2015 R1 is the production version the U.S. Food & Drug Administration will implement in support of the new Module 1 specifications (DTD 3.3) plus enhanced functionality for PUBLISH users.

“We are proud of the performance enhancements in this release and the real gains in efficiency and ease of use they represent to our user community,” said Chief Technical Officer, Jason Rock. “Even as our eCTD suite reaches maturity, GlobalSubmit remains committed to innovation.”

PUBLISH is bolstered by two noteworthy innovations.

Any PDF file added to the PUBLISH system can be automatically processed with regulatory compliant properties (Version, Inherit Zoom, Fast Web view, etc.). Built-in PDF compliance is just one example of enhanced functionality GlobalSubmit has introduced in this release by embedding LINK inside of PUBLISH. LINK was previously a standalone product.

Document management systems (DMS) are directly accessible in PUBLISH with GlobalSubmit 2015 R1. A window in the PUBLISH interface patches a sponsor into the DMS file structure for easier drag and drop functionality.

“Never having to leave the PUBLISH interface is a marked improvement in User Experience (UX) and yet another instance of our technology removing a step from the eCTD compilation process to save time,” said Robert Connelly, Product Manager of the eSubmissions Suite.

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