Document Management

Document Management is a starting point for life sciences organizations producing regulatory submissions. Chosen technology should support rather constrain your users and at the most basic level make it simple for all stakeholders within an organization locate find documents.

GlobalSubmit’s approach to document management is a familiar one – intuitive interface, easy implementation that appeals to the novice user, built-in templates and workflows, and integration with eCTD publishing systems.

GlobalSubmit Life Sciences Document Management System

Regulatory compliance is quite complex and the best systems achieve this complexity without burdening the user. The design of GlobalSubmit’s document management suite is informed by our team’s intimate knowledge of government agency requirements and procedures. Our COLLABORATE system is built on the most secure CLOUD platform on the market – Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system is FedRAMP compliant without any additional configuration.

Another tenet of our design is user affinity. The most successful applications and software programs deliver a pleasant and often enjoyable experience to the user. While other systems are cumbersome or confusing, GlobalSubmit’s DMS is modern and minimal.

Future versions will offer more and more integration with GlobalSubmit’s other product families, making it possible for life science companies to consolidate systems to a single vendor.

Document Management technology should hasten the path to regulatory approval, not slow you down. GlobalSubmit has developed a user-friendly, secure and effective system to benefit regulatory professionals.