Forward Thinking, Simple Document Management Solution for Life Sciences

Based on feedback from regulatory professionals in the life science industry, GlobalSubmit COLLABORATE is an intuitive and elegant document management system that reduces complexity from a user perspective while delivering the same bar-setting standard of security and compliance as our other industry-focused products.


GlobalSubmit developed COLLABORATE with industry’s needs in mind. We’ve taken all of the complexities needed to keep submission documents organized (metadata, workflows, audit trails, cross-references) and worked them into the back end of the software. The end result is a user-friendly, compliant, secure and cost-effective solution for document management.

The learning curve for COLLABORATE is minimal, making user adoption more likely. And being a SaaS-based platform, COLLABORATE requires very little in-house IT support. Our pre-loaded profiles and suggested workflow practices make it easy to maintain version history, document integrity and regulatory compliance a breeze.

Robust Compliance and Elegant Simplicity

COLLABORATE makes maintaining the audit trail and adhering to complex compliancy guidelines easy and user-friendly for life science companies.

GlobalSubmit built COLLABORATE with special attention to workflows, metadata and audit trails so all the complicated work is done by us behind the scenes, leaving you free to work quickly and efficiently with little training necessary. Secure, reliable and robust, COLLABORATE is fast to give you back your most precious resource: time and a better work-life balance.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive interface reduces training time to only what is necessary for internal processes
  • Pre-loaded metadata and workflows ensure stronger compliancy with less opportunity for human error
  • SaaS technology reduces the need for IT dependency
  • Regulatory view allows for easy submission organization based on product line and module

Key Features

  • User Profiles—Assign permissions and workflows based on profiles
  • Regulatory View—Organize documents by product, module and type
  • Built-in eCTD Authoring Templates – Users can take advantage GlobalSubmit’s pre-loaded templates
  • Cross-file documents—Assign documents to multiple products, which auto-update when changes are made from any location
  • Secure CLOUD—Access your documents anywhere at any time
  • Device and browser agnostic—Use any device and any browser


For more information on GlobalSubmit COLLABORATE, contact Product Manager Rick London at