eCTD System Migration

Concerned about migrating your submission platform and data to GlobalSubmit PUBLISH? Worried about how much time you’ll spend on eCTD system migration? Crossing your fingers that your existing publishing software output will be compatible?

Migrating from one system to another is typically a long, expensive and difficult problem. Most submissions software solutions are not 100% interoperable and certain submissions will not migrate from one system to another without expensive and time consuming conversion projects.

These are valid concerns that GlobalSubmit can confidently alleviate with our PUBLISH™, REVIEW™ and VALIDATE™ regulatory submissions solutions right now.

We can say this because we have processed over 95% (900,000+) of the eCTD sequences that exist on the planet. If you have GlobalSubmit REVIEW, migrating to GlobalSubmit is matter of opening REVIEW, and clicking convert to PUBLISH. And, if you choose to operate from the GlobalSubmit Secure Cloud, your production environment is automatically validated.

Your publishing team is ready to get back to work the same day.

What if I don’t have GlobalSubmit REVIEW?  No worries, migrating from your existing publishing software is easy. You simply install VALIDATE and load your submissions.

Installing GlobalSubmit’s eCTD suite is completed in a matter of hours using our point and click installers. Typically we have clients installed and able to use REVIEW and PUBLISH in one day. Out of the box, the system is configured to support worldwide agencies validation requirements. There is no need to do further configuration.

Getting your submission ready for production work is even easier. GlobalSubmit software can process more than 1,000 sequences an hour. Your submissions team will be back on line in less than one day – no matter how large your enterprise may happen to be. This is important since you cannot afford to be down while you are migrating.

Please consider the following facts about GlobalSubmit when evaluating your next eCTD platform:

  • GlobalSubmit is the only vendor that has a track record of seamless and speedy platform supplier transition
  • The GlobalSubmit eCTD suite is the easiest and fastest to install
  • We can assure you of the highest Quality of Service – our software has processed over 900,000 sequence successfully
  • You will experience minimal downtime, and you will be amazed at the performance improvements we deliver – we can process 1,000 sequences an hour, we automate many of the manual processes most traditional publishing solutions force you to do