Registration Management

Regulatory professionals are ever vigilant when it comes to compliance. If the availability of a treatment were to lapse, patient populations would be at risk.

Regulatory Information management software

GlobalSubmit’s Registration Management suite, consisting of COMMUNICATE and REGISTER, is designed to help regulatory professionals meet and maintain compliance standards for their global product portfolio. Out of the box, the system includes functionality users will find indispensable to their job yet not overly complicated. Customization options let users tailor the system to specific job roles.

Our Registration Management suite is a centralized, fully integrated, intuitive system designed to simplify all tasks and provide global access associated with managing global agency communications, commitments and product registration information.

The GlobalSubmit suite allows global users to share the same data from one source in real-time. Regulatory managers can trust the source of the data, securing access and edit rights and provide rapid reporting based on regions, products, applications, commitments statuses and responsible persons to name just a few reporting options.

When integrated with our Submission Management and Document Management suites, GlobalSubmit offers the first truly integrated Regulatory Information Management solution for industry, supporting the way Regulatory professionals really work.