Regulatory Information Management (RIM) System

Independent yet Integrated Products for your Most Important Data

Synchrogenix’s GlobalSubmit Regulatory Information Management (RIM) System is a centralized, customizable platform that manages global application information, submission planning, regulatory activity status, agency correspondence and agency commitments across your entire portfolio of products.

Our solution has four modules grouped into two products — COMMUNICATE and MANAGE. Each product can function on its own or integrated as part of a complete RIM solution.

Without a central hub to capture critical regulatory data and turn that data into actionable intelligence, your business is at risk of delayed market approval and non-compliance. In the Synchrogenix tradition, we’ve simplified previously complex tasks, making it easier to capture all of your important regulatory information in one place. By designing our RIM interface to line up with real world user roles, business professionals are able to stay on top of deadlines and commitments.

“Having spent nearly 20 years on the Regulatory Affairs side of the business, I never fully understood why a user-friendly system based on real user roles and tasks was never created. Meeting a host of regulatory obligations for each product in your portfolio is not negotiable, but managing your information doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is today. The user-friendly design of our system makes your job easier.” -Rob Connelly, Senior Director, Product Management

Synchrogenix’s GlobalSubmit RIM system was named a finalist for the 2018 Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards, which highlight outstanding examples of how technology innovations and strategic initiatives can be powerful forces for change in the life sciences.

Best Practices Awards Finalist

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