Building submission-quality documents from a variety of source materials is a time-consuming process that frequently ties up resources better spent elsewhere. GlobalSubmit LINK™ quickly and accurately generates regulatory compliant PDF documents layered with external and internal links, and bookmarks. LINK excels when integrating disparate documents and file formats, such as patient data and case reports.


LINK emphasizes accuracy and efficiency with a user-friendly interface that registers industry-leading processing speeds. Able to process 10 GB in minutes, and create 1,000,000 hyperlinks per hour, LINK frees up computer bandwidth and human capital. No other product has been able to effectively serve as a navigational aid with the computer power to manage
millions of links, until now.

As you build PDF documents, LINK automatically accounts for criteria such as version and inherit zoom to ensure compliance. Should your PDF document require modification, LINK gives users the ability to directly edit bookmarks and hyperlinks at the file and submission level. The speed and simplicity of this tool promotes time sensitivity during your quality control process without sacrificing accuracy.

Key Features of LINK:

  • Performance – Ability to process 1,000,000 links per hour
  • Compliance – Accounts for regulatory requirements such as version and inherit zoom
  • Interoperability – Works with any PDF document. Output can feed into any publishing system
  • Efficiency – Automated generation of bookmarks and hyperlinks