Medical Writing

Specialized Content in a Number of Scientific Disciplines

Medical writers interpret scientific data and distill that data into an easily digestible, audience-appropriate presentation.

In the regulated submissions sector, a writer must possess an advanced scientific background, as well as technical understanding of document specifications. These documents include:

  • Clinical and non-clinical overviews and summaries
  • Expert reports
  • Safety and efficacy summaries
  • Clinical study reports
  • Investigator brochures

GlobalSubmit regulatory affairs team regularly create and review content. At time, very specific domain knowledge and experience is crucial to the successful application and independent medical writers are an indispensable resource because they are often the best in their specialized fields. In addition to our team, GlobalSubmit has built a wide network of experienced science writers in a host of medical disciplines (Oncology, Gerontology). Our reputation and experience provides sponsors a universal study design – to – final submission solution coordinated by a single vendor.

Our team can step in at any point in your product development lifecycle, and all of our medical writing services comply with ICH guidelines and specifications.